My Silence is Broken

It has been some time since I last posted, and I promise to be more dutiful in the future.  I’ve been busy editing my first book and writing my second.  It’s an interesting process, but sadly I neglected my time here.

Another reason I haven’t written much was my preparation for the League of Utah Writers conference and writing contest.  For those who don’t know of the league, I’ll include a link.  It’s wonderful organization that has helped me improve my writing immensely.  I’m particularly thankful for the Cache Valley branch and the incredible aid they’ve given me in the last few years.

I presented a fun class on how to use foreign/artificial languages in writing and reflecting culture.  It took me several days to prepare the slides and presentation.  I wore my yukata for effect and while nervous sweat beaded my neck, the presentation went wonderfully thanks to a group of excellent students.

I only submitted four pieces to the competition this year and am overjoyed that my “Five Minutes” took first place in Creative Nonfiction.

I need to give those who prepared the most successful conference the league has ever had a big thanks.  Especially to the league’s president and conference planner Amanda Luzzader.  It was a huge success Amanda!  Great work!


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