The Gods Conspire Against Nanowrimo

It’s that time of year again.  Nanowrimo.  For those unfamiliar with the the program, it’s a hellish experience where you write a whole novel in November.  The monthly goal…50,000 words.

No editing allowed!  That’s hard on someone like me who prefers creating and polishing a chapter a week before moving on.

I dove head first this month into Nanowrimo’s swirling morass or adjectives and pronouns, and I am doing very well indeed.  My word count is well above the daily goals and I’m on my way to completion.  Joy!

Yet, you know, it’s during the good times when the Universe points its finger at you and say’s “no!”

Bills come due when you have extra money.

Things break right after you’ve fixed them.

Starcraft II – Legacy of the Void is released…right in the middle of Nanowrimo!

Now, I’m not a big gamer anymore.  There was once a time when I could spend weekends and evenings playing computer games until well into sunrise the next day.  Those times have passed.

Starcraft is one of those exceptions, and I can still lose myself in it just like my twelve year old self.  So, why?  Oh why Blizzard must you present me with this most terrible of temptations during a month when my sole focus should be pounding my head against my keyboard?

Curse your devilish timing and hedonistic temptation!


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